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Display Breadcrumbs To Your WordPress Website

In this article I show you how to put breadcrumb in your WordPress website by using function the_breadcrumb(), will get the breadcrumbs for the current page this will need to go into the functions.php page.

[php]function the_breadcrumb() {
if (!is_home()) {
echo ‘<a href="’;
echo get_option(‘home’);
echo ‘">’;
echo "</a> ". " » ";
if (is_category() || is_single()) {
if (is_single()) {
echo " » ";
} elseif (is_page()) {
echo the_title();

Go to your single.php page and add the following code anywhere you want to display the breadcrumbs.

[php]<?php the_breadcrumb(); ?>[/php]

What do you think?

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