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create widge area in wordpress

Create Widget Area For Your WordPress

In WordPress has widget area where the widget can add. Widget area is normally in right side of main content area or in left side of it. Create widget area is make more slot for widgets to be placed over them in the admin widgets area. In this

display useful button wp edtior

Display Useful Button In WordPress Editor

Do you want to customize your font style, size, font family? And your WordPress editor doesn’t have those button , so in the post I going to show you how to display more useful button in WordPress editor for you. Without using WordPress plugin you

human readable time

Display Human Readable Time In WordPress

WordPress has a built-in function to display relative time in a human-readable format, like message, facebook, twitter etc. Human readable time formats means that the date of a post or comment is displayed as “x time ago”. I have been using the human readable time

add pagination comment

Add Pagination To Your WordPress Theme

WordPress has the ability to split lists of posts or a single post into multiple pages for “paged” navigation. You can set how many posts to list on each page on the Reading screen (wp-admin > Settings > Reading). The “Blog pages show at most”

add audio and create playlist

Add audio and create playlist in WordPress

In this post I going to show you how to add audio and create playlist in wordpress without using any plugin or code. As I know WordPress uses HTML5 audio tag to embed audio files. It is compatible with most modern devices and works particularly well

pagination comment

How to pagination your wordpress comment

If you got so many comment and you think to get a pagination for your comment,  i.e. breaking them up into different pages after a certain number. It will make your comment more load faster than before. We hope that this tutorial helped you paginate comments

Allowed Memory Size Exhausted

Learn development wordpress theme for beginner

Today I share this post for who looking the WordPress theme development from beginner. As I learn from this tutorial, is very awesome and useful. So decide to share this tutorial to all of you. From Learnwebcode This is the beginning of a series on WordPress.

display related posts

Display Related Posts In WordPress

Display related posts after the post will allowing users to navigate throughout your site from topic to topic makes for longer browsing time on the site. The more engaged your visitors are, the better chance they will convert into a lead or a sale. This article will

popular posts

Display popular posts in WordPress

If you want to display most popular posts without a plugin and you need more customization in your layout, then you can use the code snippet below, copy and paste in anywhere within your theme’s files. Please note that this method of displaying most popular